26 August 2011

Hugs, Licks and Wags~

Blog of the week:
nest egg

What busy days for Mr Finn over at nest egg.  I believe he's all played out .. But, only for the moment.. Congrats to nest egg on their new addition.

24 August 2011

Summer Love via NY~

We start summer in New York very optimistic & lighthearted.. As summer starts to wane, a feeling of excitement for autumn and all it has to offer..But, melancholy that the days are shorter, nights cooler, summer is ending...Hello Autumn~ 

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23 August 2011

Love of~ Wellies

Via:  1. minna merck schmidt; 2. country living,
3. a beach cottage, 4. little blue deer, 5. griege

19 August 2011

Lavender Love~

Blog of the week:
KT Merry

I have come to find weddings somewhat predictable...but, omg, this is the most beautiful I've seen in some time....Enjoy KT Merry Photography~



12 August 2011

Sweet Goodbyes~

My so incredibly artistic friend has decided to leave us crazy engineers to spend more time w/a most handsome 5 month old.  Her new life will include an Etsy store of which we are anxiously awaiting.  {Link to come}.  Let us say not good-bye but, we'll see you when we see you. 

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Peach Schnapps cookies were had by all..
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French Tablescape~

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Dreamy Whites


10 August 2011

Love of~ Country Homes


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7} Country Home, 8} P Allen Smith, 9} Le Mas