31 December 2012

Thursday Flower Club~

No, you're not losing it.. we switched days on our weekly botanical post.  Who doesn't need a little pick me up at the end of the week. 

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Rustic Glamour~

Is that an oxymoron.. well, who said we can't make up our own genre.. Happy New Year.. (MM)

24 December 2012

04 December 2012

No cabin fever here~

I would absolutely love to be snowed in.. by the way, if anyone knows the painter of the "landseer" newfoundland art above the mantle below.. I would be completely indebted.. my favorite breed.. (MM)

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Tuesday Flower Club~

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03 December 2012

Let it snow~

All ready for the snow.. wood cut, check.. quilts fluffed, check.. boots shined, check.. need I go on.. (MM)

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