28 October 2012

Love of Autumn Color~

I sat here today looking at the leaves falling thinking how beautiful.  Not minding that I would be raking them all.. is that crazy? I can't help it, natures art.. (MM)

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21 October 2012


ok.. I know, I've heard it.. black is not a color.. but in my book, theres nothing more elegant or luxurious.. (MM)

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15 October 2012

Tuesday Flower Cub~

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Hello Fall~

Yes, I' ve finally given in.. not entirely unwillingly to the end of summer.. but don't the seasons become like family members.  When they leave it's sad.. well, most of the time.. ok, who am I kidding.  (MM)

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08 October 2012

Lazy Country Weekends~

Never a bad thing.. see you in the country..

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02 October 2012

Tuesday Flower Club~

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