19 August 2012

Pas de regrets~

No regrets.. lets go to Provence.. ride bikes to the patisserie and stop in a lavender field along the way.. oh alright.. headed to work, see you when I see you.. (MM)

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Lazy Sundays~

Off to the lake.. Happy resting..

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14 August 2012

Happy Lounging~

Does anyone else feel guilty for lounging.. maybe we should take a queue from our furry kids.. and lounge to our hearts content.. happy "lounging week".. yeah, not a real holiday.. but, it should be.. WW

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07 August 2012

General Store Love~

Anybody lucky enough to bike down to the general store?.. make a deal.. lets slow down and enjoy the goodies of times past.. see you at WW.

Tuesday Flower Club~

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05 August 2012

01 August 2012

All about the details~

there's something about clean Swedish lines mixed w/ornate details.. see you at WW..


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