30 May 2012

Elegant Camper~

So I love the outdoors, at the time the snows recede in upstate NY, I move outside.. no, I pretty much camp out.. but, w/a twist.  I like my amenities.. nothing wrong w/that.. see you at WW.

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28 May 2012

18 May 2012

Hello Adirondacks~

Off for a weekend of fly fishing.. strictly catch and release. See you when I see you..

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16 May 2012


Do we take ourselves too serious.. I think not.  Off to WW.

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14 May 2012

"Bee" Happy~

So I grew up.. no, I like to think I haven't entirely grown up.  As a child, I was so completely in fear of bees.. not sure when that changed.  But, I'm enthralled by them now.. well, by what they make.. bumbles, honey's.. how could I fear these little cuties.  I may change my mind the next time I get stung.. but, I like to think we have an understanding.. they stay in their place and I stay in mine.   It's working.  See you at MM.

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07 May 2012

Garden "Thyme"~

Weekend in the garden.. amazing, productive and yeah I'm a little sore.. but, I'd do it all over again today, tomorrow.. forever.  Off to MM..

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