31 December 2012

Thursday Flower Club~

No, you're not losing it.. we switched days on our weekly botanical post.  Who doesn't need a little pick me up at the end of the week. 

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Rustic Glamour~

Is that an oxymoron.. well, who said we can't make up our own genre.. Happy New Year.. (MM)

24 December 2012

04 December 2012

No cabin fever here~

I would absolutely love to be snowed in.. by the way, if anyone knows the painter of the "landseer" newfoundland art above the mantle below.. I would be completely indebted.. my favorite breed.. (MM)

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Tuesday Flower Club~

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03 December 2012

Let it snow~

All ready for the snow.. wood cut, check.. quilts fluffed, check.. boots shined, check.. need I go on.. (MM)

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25 November 2012

Tuesday Flower Club~

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Country Lover~

While awaiting the official kickoff of winter.. anything better than mid-season travel to the country with a good book and lots of cocoa.. (MM)

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Don't miss the Winter Giveaway~

Name chosen 8th Dec.. Good Luck!

Lazy Sundays~

in the wake of a turkey high and birthday celebrations for sweet, furry Fitzwilliam Longfellow.. Bronwyn and Fitzwilliam.. aka the Marketing Directors for the cottage wren are beat.. and wish you happy resting..

ps.. biggest thanks to grammy and grumpy for perfectly fun and furry Sundance bones..


22 November 2012

19 November 2012

Tuesday Flower Club~

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London Calling~

Do they even still call it Big Ben? I have a thing for London, can you tell.. (MM)

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18 November 2012

Holiday Ready~

Let us help you get ready for the holidays with 20% off all seasonal items through December 9th.  Complimentary shipping on orders over $100..

located at The Cottage Wren
PO Box 26 - Rexford, NY


Lazy Sundays~

Happy resting..

the little corner

28 October 2012

Love of Autumn Color~

I sat here today looking at the leaves falling thinking how beautiful.  Not minding that I would be raking them all.. is that crazy? I can't help it, natures art.. (MM)

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21 October 2012


ok.. I know, I've heard it.. black is not a color.. but in my book, theres nothing more elegant or luxurious.. (MM)

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