24 July 2012

Off to the farm~

.. maybe the funny farm.. my friend has been informed she will inherit her (4) gorgeous nieces and nephews if the need ever arises.. it won't.. but, w/this comes a growing troupe of goats, chickens, pets of all shapes and sizes.. no pigs.. yet.. this to a pristine, pearl 4" heel wearing girl.. I think you can get gucci wellies w/heels, right? See you at WW.

23 July 2012

Hello Dog Days~

in honor of the "dog" days of summer.. happy swimming, digging, sleeping and lounging.. oh, to be a pup.  See you at MM.

22 July 2012

Tuesday Flower Club~

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We're just fine wine~

Wishing a very happy week, year, life to my little sister and partner in crime.. who just turned a year older.. won't mention that again.. Remember what mom always says, we're like fine wine "better w/age".. xoxo

17 July 2012

Garden Hideouts~

Secret passages, garden benches and quiet sheds.. how about all the above.. off to WW.

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15 July 2012

Road Tripping~

Amazing antiquing during our girls roadtrip.. Fun was had by all and no one was arrested.. on to the next venture.. first stop at MM.

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Lazy Sundays~

Happy resting..

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11 July 2012


Recent ventures into Brooklyn brought me to the Botanical Gardens one early misty Sunday morning.. oh I am in love.. I could live here.. seriously.. see you at WW.

09 July 2012

Day at the Lake~

All you could possibly need at the lake.. loved ones, a perfect picnic, wonderful pups.. oh and lovely shoes.. Happy Monday..

04 July 2012


My re-newed addiction to buying old art pieces was very well rewarded at our recent upstate antique fair.. I may run out of wall space.. but, not before I hit the Brimfield Antique Fair.. hope to see you there.. in the meantime.. hello WW..

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02 July 2012

Brooklyn Art Lover~

Recent visits to Brooklyn brought with it amazing art, wares, beauty and humor.. first episode- Brooklyn Museum of Art.. and this is only a handful.. if you get the oppurtunity, you won't be sorry you took even a morning.. see you at MM.