28 October 2011

Off and running~

Putting on my party dress and off to Brooklyn...see you when I see you.

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26 October 2011

Love of~ Bains

So we're getting snow tomorrow..in October.  What I wouldn't give to stay in for a day of pampering ~ warm lavender bath, good book and hot cocoa...


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21 October 2011

I admit it...I think Minna Mercke Schmidt can do no wrong.. Blog of the week, just in time for Autumn: blomsterverkstad

16 October 2011

14 October 2011

Femme Francais~

Blog of the week: my french country home is doing a series on women of France and their lives..Part one today.  Don't miss them..

13 October 2011

09 October 2011

A Place in the Country~

Not quite Monday for us..yet.  But, it's coming.  No way of stopping it.. on a brighter note, Plum Sienna's post completely reminded me why I love France so much.. between Gaston, the lavender, the countryside, etc.. how they came home, I have no idea.  Thought to try something new, a mosaic - 'a la' Little Red House.  Inspired by none other than French country living.. So here's hoping all had a great weekend.. fingers crossed for a good week.

07 October 2011

Old School~

For anyone who loves the soft "worness" and previous life of vintage, the pieces at the blog of the week are amazing: vintage junky