31 January 2012

Tainted White~

I'm back to the love of tainted white... linen of course.  One of my favorites.. Hommage to White Wednesday, with a twist..

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29 January 2012

Scotch Bliss~

Everything needed for a Scottish weekend.. reading - ck, journal - ck, warmies - ck ... Think the queen will stop in?

24 January 2012

Valentines is coming~

I know I'm early.. but, it's never too soon to put it out there.. Happy early White Wednesday.. can anyone tell I'm trying to rush the weekend.

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21 January 2012

Lazy Sundays~

Happy resting.. yes, I'm starting early.. too cold to go out.

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19 January 2012

The Quiet Woods~

Our upstate artist enclave grows... gorgeous romatic jewelry at "The Quiet Woods".  Enjoy~

18 January 2012

White Wedding~

I love the unconventional.. weddings in winter.. why wait till June.. over to White Wednesday.

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16 January 2012

Kitchen Cupboard~

What I wouldn't give for a piece of pie... is it wrong I like to eat but not cook.. off to Mosaic Monday...

11 January 2012

Snow day, anyone~

I have to admit.. I'm kind of missing the snow.  If it's going to be cold, it should at least snow.. See you at White Wednesday.

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08 January 2012

Happy Monday~

This time of year, in all it's bleakness.. for most of us that is, I love the decadence of rich hues.. off to Mosaic Monday..

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Lazy Sundays~

Happy resting..

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03 January 2012

Variation in white~

Is it really 2012? For all who have sent well wishes during this holiday season..  We send biggest wishes back for everything you hope for.. and all that you don't.. Never know what's around the corner.  Dream big {chanel ballet flats would be a good start}.  You deserve it.  Happy first White Wednesday of the year...

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