07 May 2012

Garden "Thyme"~

Weekend in the garden.. amazing, productive and yeah I'm a little sore.. but, I'd do it all over again today, tomorrow.. forever.  Off to MM..

via: tumblr & terrain


  1. So pretty. Love the burlap around the plant.

  2. Oh my ..Lavender..I adore...Mmmmm the scent!!
    Lovely collage!

  3. Lavender must have been sent from heaven. I wear it, drink it, bathe in it, and just about anything done with Lavender, is mine for the sheer pleasure of taking in that wonderful fragrance~

    A blogging friend recently suggested that I drop the Word Verification and since you control what gets published, you still get Spam checks, it works so much easier without it.

  4. Lavender - I love it. I spray lavender water and lavender oil liberally, especially before bedtime and I swear that it helps with sleep.

  5. You had me going then, I thought you were in the UK were I am.
    Lynn - One I Made Earlier Today
    no. 62